My first Blog post

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It has been an interesting three month journey since I made the decision to put down my paint brushes in order to teach myself web-design and proceed to redesign my own website. I love a challenge and after all, it would only be fair for me to broaden my market base and give those faraway collectors an opportunity to own a ‘Marc Alexander’ artwork. Yes, it is all possible; WordPress, eCommerce, widgets, short-codes, permalinks, etc, these were all words that where totally foreign to me a few months ago, but now they have found a permanent place in my daily vocab. It is not as daunting as you may think, just a little patience, some perseverance and a firm resolution is all you’ll need. Oh, and don’t forget the countless hours of serious concentration.

For all those who have been trying to get me to do workshops and art lessons, you would be happy to know that I intend to blog not only about my art, painting techniques and new exhibitions, but also about my online process, what I have found helpful and what has been a total waste of time, so watch this space.