Marc Alexander | Child's Play | Dreams of an Enchanted World

Child’s Play

From my ‘Dreams of an Enchanted World’ exhibition. Child’s Play, oil and silver leaf on canvas, 120cm by 90cm, (2018).

Imagine having the perfect artwork for that special place in your home.

Big or small, any subject, any medium, a single masterpiece or a series of paintings – If you can imagine it, I can paint it! Let me create something beautiful that brings your space to life.

“Capture that moment in time. Paintings are timeless and can bring joy and celebrate special memories for generations to come.”

How to commission me

To get a quote, simply fill out and submit the Commission Request Form below. Provide a brief description of the desired subject, size and preferred medium. I will contact you promptly with an estimate. I look forward to working with you!

Commission Request Form

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If you have additional questions about the commissioning procedure, please ask them here and receive a prompt reply.
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Time-lapse video (2:51). ‘Priceless Moment I’, oil on canvas, 60cm by 84cm, (2018). In this demonstration I apply the traditional grisaille oil painting method with a classical spin.