After a long season of producing portraits in oils, I have returned to the humble pencil to create my latest exhibition. ‘Touch’ which opened at the Kalk Bay Studio Gallery on Friday June 14th 2013 and ran until July 3rd, is a celebration of the beauty and expressiveness of the human hand.

A group of us artists got together in the studio to work on life drawings, and for me, hands are one of the most difficult parts of the human body to draw, so I decided to master this challenge by producing one hundred detailed drawings. Friends, family and even casual acquaintances, modeled their hands for me and in each drawing I tried to capture the unique character of each individual.

A great deal could be learned about a person just by observing their hands. For example, the slight hand gestures of a person in love, or the anxious mannerisms of the addicted smoker clutching his last cigarette, or the telltale scars and callouses which belong to a hard working laborer. The hands are young and old, lined and smooth and endlessly expressive and tell a hundred stories which are all captured in my hyper-realistic style.



Rock Paper Scissors


I Love You