Painted for the group exhibition titled “Skulduggery,” which was presented by the Studio Gallery Kalk Bay in September 2014. Skulduggery refers to underhandedness or deception, a fitting theme when we consider the current political antics in South Africa. But wanting to steer away from politically charged art, I opted for another current deception, i.e. Macro Evolution. My painting depicts the skull of a 930 year old man, attributed to the Biblical Adam, which was discovered by an archaeologist in a secret chamber under the Vatican, and dated at 3070BC. Suggesting that Man has only been on Earth for a mere 6000 years. The old wooden box that it was discovered in has inscribed on its side, the following mysterious French words: “Au commancement, Dieu. Dans la fin des tamps, Dieu.” Which means in English, “In the beginning, God. In the end of time, God.”


  • Medium: Oil and Gold Leaf on Board
  • Size: 30cm by 40cm
  • Year: 2014