Unlike the balls (or more accurately, points) which are zero-dimensional, strings are one-dimensional. This has some very interesting implications, but to explain them would take a lot more than a “simple definition”. String theory is known for uniting both the physical laws of the large (Einsteins general relativity- stars, planets, and people) and the small (quantum mechanics – subatomic particles), which were previously incompatible. Short for super sting theory, now known as M-theory. This definition explains only the very basics of string theory. In my artwork, the wine glass represents the traditional ball shapes of subatomic particles, where the cat’s cradle represents “the string” in string theory.

An entry for the SANSA (South African National Space Agency) 2013 art competition.

The text reads: All the particles in the universe are really little “strings,” rather than the traditional ball shapes they are normally thought of.


  • Medium: Oil and Steel Wire on Board
  • Size: 50cm Diameter
  • Year 2013