Question: How do I get a reproduction made?

Answer: First, you must fill out the Reproduction Commission Form, after which I’ll send you the quotation. If the quotation is acceptable then a 50% deposit must be paid into so that I can order the canvas and paints and start the reproduction. The outstanding amount must be paid before the completed artwork leaves my studio.

Question: Will the quotation include shipping, handling and import taxes?

Answer: No. The shipping can only be arranged after the reproduction is complete. These costs will be for the client’s account.

Question: Will I see the artwork before I make the final payment?

Answer: Yes. I will send you weekly progerss images via email and a final high-resolution photo of the finished artwork for preview.

Question: How long does a reproduction take?

Answer: An oil painting that measures 90 by 120cm usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of detail and technical complexity of the Artwork. Once I get started, I work tirelessly until the reproduction is complete.

Question: Can I have the painting removed from the wooden stretcher and shipped in a tube?

Answer: Yes. The 12-ounce Cotton Duck canvas or Belgium linen that I normally use is a very durable canvas and can easily be restretched.

Question: Can I commission more than one reproduction at a time?

Answer: Yes. There is no limit, however, each artwork will require its own Reproduction Commission Form to be filled out.

Question: Do I need to frame the artwork?

Answer: The edges of the artwork are neatly finished off so that it is ready to hang, giving it a modern clean look. However, framing is optional.

Question: Do you do framing?

Answer: No.

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