Forest Stream I

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Medium: Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas

Size: 40cm by 40cm



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Forest Stream I

By Marc Alexander from his ‘The Secret Forest’ exhibition. ‘Forest Stream I’, oil on canvas, 40cm by 40cm, (2014).

Forest Stream I

The Forest Stream is a source of life, diversity and beauty in the forested woodland and a vital resource to wildlife – a source of fresh drinking water. Streams and the riparian vegetation associated with then supply important habitat for many species of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. The Salmonoids live here – fish in the salmon and trout families. The Forest Stream provides them with year-round water temperatures below 20 degrees Celcius, high levels of dissolved oxygen, clear water, and a stony or gravelly substrate. They have a complicated life cycle which involves emerging from nests and growing in freshwater streams, migrating to the ocean to grow large and returning to their natal streams to spawn. The actions of Humans have impeded this life cycle by their activities that cause erosion, the removal of water, simplifying channels and removing riparian vegetation or create barriers to migration. Many salmonid species are threatened or endangered and so particular care is needed to restore their channel habitat.



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