Sleeping Cat

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Medium: Oil and Gold Leaf on Board

Size: 30cm by 30cm



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Sleeping Cat

By Marc Alexander from his ‘The Secret Forest’ exhibition. ‘Sleeping Cat‘, oil and gold leaf on board, 30cm by 30cm, (2019).

Sleeping Cat

A feral cat family also live in the Secret Forest, down near the border towards the farm lands. These free-roaming cats avoid humans. They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched, and back away or run when they are able to do so. If trapped, they will hiss, growl, bare their teeth, or strike out.

Feral cats often live in groups called colonies and they are apex predators in their ecosystems. Preying on a wide variety of both vertebrates and invertebrates, and typically prefer smaller animals with body weights under 100 g (3.5 oz), particularly mammals, birds, and lizards.


The Secret Forest

I have always been interested in forestry, particularly its aspects of conservation and regeneration. The inspiration for this body of work stems from my love and gratitude toward God for His marvellous creation. I hope to share this appreciation with friends, family and my supporters, specifically drawing attention to the need to protect and care for our forest’s rich biodiversity and fragile ecosystems.

The Secret Forest is a paradise of my imaginings, an ideal and wondrous world, alive with many fascinating life forms. I often get lost in its wooded beauty, trailing shadowy pathways and streams, searching every nook and cranny amongst tangled root systems and moss-covered rocks just so that I can feast my eyes on its hidden treasures. This is a place where the feral imagination could easily envisage the likes of, elves and tree Ents. A place entirely unspoiled by mankind and the age of machines.



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