Sleeping Fawn

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Medium: Oil and Gold Leaf on Board

Size: 50cm by 50cm



Sleeping Fawn

By Marc Alexander from his ‘The Secret Forest’ exhibition. ‘Sleeping Fawn‘, oil and gold leaf on board, 50cm by 50cm, (2020).

Sleeping Fawn

The spotted white-tailed deer fawn offers one of the most appealing sights in the Secret Forest. Fawns typically appear walking closely to their protective mother or bouncing though the woods with seemingly unlimited energy. However, in May and June many fawns are found curled up in the forest alone, with no vigilant doe in sight. Is this an orphaned fawn? Almost certainly never!

White-tailed deer mate in the fall (October – December). The male deer (buck) plays no role in raising fawns. After the female deer (doe) gives birth to one or two fawns and nurses them, she leads them into secluded habitat within her familiar home range. Twin fawns can be separated by up to 200 feet. The doe then leaves them alone for extended periods of time. The doe returns periodically to nurse them and to relocate them to new secluded habitat. This pattern will continue for up to 3 weeks. By this time the fawns are mature enough to keep up with their mother and able to race out of real or perceived danger. Fawns instinctively lie motionless when approached by a potential predator. This seemingly helpless state is a behavioral adaptation that has helped white-tailed deer survive for ages. As fawns grow and mature, they will initially freeze, but they jump up and bound away. Once the fawn grows stronger, it will follow the doe while she forages.


The Secret Forest

I have always been interested in forestry, particularly its aspects of conservation and regeneration. The inspiration for this body of work stems from my love and gratitude toward God for His marvellous creation. I hope to share this appreciation with friends, family and my supporters, specifically drawing attention to the need to protect and care for our forest’s rich biodiversity and fragile ecosystems.

The Secret Forest is a paradise of my imaginings, an ideal and wondrous world, alive with many fascinating life forms. I often get lost in its wooded beauty, trailing shadowy pathways and streams, searching every nook and cranny amongst tangled root systems and moss-covered rocks just so that I can feast my eyes on its hidden treasures. This is a place where the feral imagination could easily envisage the likes of, elves and tree Ents. A place entirely unspoiled by mankind and the age of machines.



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