Secret Path

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Medium: Oil on Board

Size: 17cm by 17cm



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Secret Path

By Marc Alexander from his ‘The Secret Forest’ exhibition. Secret Path, oil on board, 17cm by 17cm, (2014).


Secret Path

An overgrown and barely invisible moist-mossy carpeted pathway, that no human foot has ever trampled upon. The creatures that live nearby, yes even the nocturnal ones, know it well. Finding their way along its windings over slippery rocks, rotting fallen trees and a maze of gnarly branches.


The Secret Forest

Inspiration for this body of work stems from my love and gratitude toward God for His marvellous creation, which has enthused within me an interest in forestry, particularly its aspects of conservation and regeneration.

The Secret Forest is a paradise of my imaginings, wondrous and alive with many fascinating forms of life. I have often gotten lost in its wooded beauty, trailing shadowy pathways and streams, searching every nook and cranny amongst tangled root systems and mossy rocks just so that I can feast my eyes on its hidden treasures. This is a place where the feral imagination could easily envisage the likes of, elves and tree Ents – a place entirely unspoiled by mankind and the age of machines.



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