Red Fox

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Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 40cm by 50cm


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Red Fox

By Marc Alexander from his ‘In The Balance‘ series. Red Fox oil on canvas, 40cm by 50cm, (2015).


Red Fox

The red fox is found in Europe and Asia and has also been introduced to Australia. It has a short lifespan, only 18 months to 2 years. The Red Fox is mostly nocturnal, although it will sometimes venture out in the day. Unlike other mammals, it hears low-frequency sounds very well. It can hear small animals digging underground and will dig in the dirt or snow to catch prey. They are carnivores and stalk prey, much like a cat. The fox doesn’t usually use a den and will often sleep in the open, wrapping its tail around it, to keep warm. Fox hunting has been a sport for many centuries and became a traditional sport of the nobility. Red foxes are still widely persecuted as pests, with human-caused deaths among the highest. Too me foxes are beautiful animals and I always enjoy painting them.



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