The Kiss

OCTOBER 2015 | The Kiss (Lovers) was painted by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt between 1908 and 1909, the highpoint of his “Golden Period”… read more

Bronze and Oil

JANUARY 2017 | New video of Sculptor Richard J. Gunston and painter Marc Alexander collaborating at The Studio Gallery, Kalk Bay… view video

Robben Island Revisited

MAY 2015 | New Youtube time lapse video released. Marc Alexander demonstrates his technique while painting Mandela Robben Island Revisited… view video

In The Balance

JANUARY 2015 | Wildlife on the edge of extinction brought into focus… read more

Capturing Madiba’s Essence

DECEMBER 2014 | By Garth King “Marc Alexander’s output of high-quality Mandela icons have resulted in global recognition…” read more

Gift for Miss SA

NOVEMBER 2014 | The official gift which Rolene Strauss Miss South Africa 2014 will take to the Miss World pageant… read more

Fertile Fence

JULY 2014 | How a piece of apartheid history became jewelry by Joonji Mdyogolo… read more

Tribute Exhibition

JULY 2014 | Art Afrique gallery is hosting a Mandela tribute exhibition featuring several Nelson Mandela portraits painted by artist Marc Alexander… read more

University Pays Tribute

DECEMBER 2013 | Stellenbosch University pays tribute to icon of liberation and reconciliation Nelson Mandela with artworks by Marc Alexander… read more


JUNE 2013 | After a long season of producing portraits in oils, I have returned to the humble pencil to create my latest exhibition. ‘Touch’ which opened at the Kalk Bay Studio Gallery on Friday June 14thread more


MARCH 2012 | Legacy first opened at Art Afrique Gallery in Sandton City in March 2012. The guest speaker was the late Alf Kumalo – one of South Africa’s most famous photo journalists… read more

Dreams of an Enchanted World

MARCH 2012 | Opening at at the Bolsmann on Brooks Fine Art Gallery, Pretoria. Guest speaker Dirk Ogema, director Pretoria Art Museum… read more

Adam, after Alexis Preller

JULY 2011 | I painted this reproduction of Adam to fit a hand-crafted frame made by Preller and using the oil paints which he left behind… read more

Copying a Masterpiece

JANUARY 1995 | Copying a Masterpiece by Rina de Villiers. “Marc Alexander, Museum Technologists at the Pretoria Art Museum, is copying one of the jewels in the Lady Michaelis collection in full view of the public…” read more